Friday, December 31, 2010

Top Fifty Hottest Women of 2010 19-11

19. Kiera Knightly:
     This lovely English rose has been a pirate wench, a bounty hunter, and the irrepressible Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice. Her flawless skin, doe eyes, and slight figure make her one of the hottest young actresses around. 
18. Miranda Kerr:
     This tiny beauty from Victoria Secret and the SI Swimsuit issue will be ushering in the new year as a new mother....what a shame...but hopefully she will return to her prebaby hottness soon.
17. Winona Ryder:
     I still have such crush on this beauty. I've had it bad for her for years. And over the years she has just grown in her beauty.
16. Kate Middleton:
      The future Her Royal Hotness is one English gal that makes me want to move to England.

15. Emma Watson:
     Ahh, Hermione Granger all grown up. She has cast a magical spell over so many men and her recent make out session for Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows, Part I made many more fans sit up and take notice.
14. Milla Jovovich:
      Milla, one of my favorites. She is slim, sexy, and can kick both vampire and zombie butt like nobody's business.

13. Adrienne Curry:
     You either love or hate this first year winner of America's Next Top Model and I do love her. It really sucks that Christopher Knight (Peter Brady from the Brady Bunch) is hubby. Ugh...

12. Avril Lavigne:
    Avril, you crazy Canadian and your skater oriented pop. Nice to hear you dumped the loser this past year and have what sounds like a great new album on tap for 2011! 

11. Kylie Minogue:
     I should be so lucky...lucky...lucky...lucky. *Sigh* Kylie, you are too amazing for words.

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