Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top Fifty Hottest Women of 2010 29-20

29. Paz Vega:
      Okay, She is hot and Spanish. I've only seen her in a couple of shows (Lexx and Spanglish) but I have seen her in skimpy black bikini....OLE!

28.  Gwyneth Paltrow:
      This blonde beauty has been off my radar for while, but with her recent appearance on Glee (yesss, I watch it) she has flown back into my air space...ah, if only!

27. Candice Swanepoel:
     She's a Victoria's Secret model....duh!

26. Halle Berry: 
      Still hot as ever, she finally dumped her dreadlock wearing husband and is slowly regaining the sexy back again. She never stopped as far as I was concerned, but I'm convinced this gal from Ohio is going to be doing some great things in the next year.

25. Salma Hayek:
      This little number from south of the border has always been a hot tamale in my opinion, but she has looked particularly good in the last year. Luckily, she is no longer attached to that Ugly Betty thing and maybe we can see her in something more interesting in the next year.

24.  Kate Moss:
     I have always liked this supermodel, even when everyone thought she was a passing fad. Well, she is still working and she looks better than ever! 

23.  Charlize Theron:
     A beautiful woman who can act! What?!  Charlize proves time and time again that she is not interested in her looks but cares about her craft. She is amazing and is going to be one of those women who we will see age gracefully and still be looking hot in her sixties.

22.Megan Fox:
    This girl is BLAZING hot, the only reason she is not higher on the list is that a.) she has a bunch of garish tattoos, b.) she is married to a douche-bag, and c.) if the guy who directed Transformers says she can't act, then you know she's bad. But, she looks soooo good.

21. Grace Park:
      Hawaii 5-OH MY! What happened to that chick that was Battlestar Galactica that was covered from head to toe in battle gear? This babe is sure to make villains surrender on the remake of the great cop show set in our fiftieth state just by showing up in a bikini!

20. Angelina Jolie:
    Anyone who knows me is aware of my undying devotion to Angelina. She is so smoking hot she is should carry a fire extinguisher around with her all the time....oh, wait, that's Brad Pitt and her kids. Yes, I've broken the tattoo rule with her, but she is standing the test of time, let's see if Megan Fox can do that...oh, and Angelina CAN act.