Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top Fifty Hottest Women of 2010: 39-30

39. Tina Fey: 
      Tina Fey is classy, funny, goofy, and oh, so sexy!  I fell in love with this gal when she was on SNL's weekend update and her work on 30 Rock has made me even go crazier for her!

38. Uma Thurman:
      This beauty is sexy in so many ways. From her work in Dangerous Liaisons to The Avengers (I think I was the only person who like that movie) and Kill Bill, she constantly delivers the sexy.
37. Jennifer Connelly:
      Her raven hair and curvy figure has had many a guy going for her for sometime. She remains beautiful and she seems to very much like those pin up gals of the 40's and 50s. 
36. Kristen Bell:
      This blonde hottie is crazy funny and quirky. From Veronica Mars to Forgetting Sarah Marshall and agreeing to sawn in half on Craig Ferguson's show, she is sexy and willing to go for the joke.
35. Mia Kirshner:
      OOO, I do love this vixen! Her  career seems to be going full circle having first worked on Dracula: The Series and now her work on The Vampire Diaries.  In between, her work on Exotica, Not Another Teen Movie, The Black Dahlia, and The "L" Word has shown her versatility.

34. Alyssa Milano:
     Who's the boss? Well, Alyssa has been on our radar for years. Her acting skills are marginal, but anyone who can play a vampire victim (Embrace of the Vampire), a witch (Charmed), AND Amy Fisher (Casualties of Love: The Long Island Lolita Story) and be amazingly sexy is worth inclusion in any list.

33. Jennifer Love Hewitt:
     You got to admire this gal. Everyone pretty much saw her career as over when her sequel series to Party of Five tanked, she took some time off and reinvented herself in The Ghost Whisperer. I still think her head looks a little bit like a turnip, but wow, she has grown up to be a hot young woman that any ghost would love to be whispered to. 
32. Olivia Munn:
     This gal gives all geeks hope that they will find someone as funny, smart, goofy, and sexy to have as their own. (You won't...but don't give up the dream, guys!)  She has parlayed her work on G4's Attack of the Show into an acting career and I expect we will be seeing a lot more of her in the future.

31. Taylor Swift:
     This hot little country crooner is well on her way to being a great artist. She seems like that girl that no one really noticed in high school until her senior year and then everyone all of a sudden she was the hottest commodity in class. 
30. Michelle Trachtenberg:
     Ahhh Dawn Summers, how you have grown up! This little beauty has really came into her own in the last couple of years. From Buffy to guest starring roles in such shows as House, she is providing the hotness in degrees.

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