Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Top Fifty Hottest Women of 2010: 50-40

Here is the first installment of my list for this year end.

50. Kirstin Dunst:
        Miss Dunst didn't have a great year as far as her career went this year, but her recent appearance in the film All Good Things more than makes up for her frumpiness as of late.

49. Christie Turlington:
        Admittedly, this former super-model's only reason for appearing on my list is my undying love for her exotic looks. She is as hot as ever and champions many worthwhile causes all while battling emphysema.

48. Paris Hilton: 
      Billionaire Barbie intrigues me more and more. Yes, we all know she is a rich skank, but dang...she is a hot rich skank that I wouldn't mind sharing a few million with.

47. Eliza Dushku:
       I always fancied Faith over Buffy, and with Josh Whedon's recent attempt to cash in on Miss Dushku's fantastic face and figure in Dollhouse (an interesting premise that just didn't quite take off) Eliza is back on my radar.

46. Zooey Deschanel:
      I love her light blue eyes, her cynical demeanor, and her superlative singing in the group She & Him make this lovely a welcome addition to the list.

45. Elizabeth Banks:
      This gal reminds of the girl next door. She is so fresh faced and appealing that she is easily overlooked by many men for her outright hotness. Her portrayal of Betty Brant in the Spider-Man franchise is worth inclusion in this geek's list alone.

44. Lady Gaga:
      I resisted the Gagamania for as long as I could, but when I finally got to see her video for Bad Romance, I was hooked. Yes, she is a walking freak-show, but she is hot walking freak-show that never seems to disappoint in terms of entertainment.

43. Mary Louise Parker:
      Let me state that I'm very much anti-drug, but this hot mom from Weeds is smoking!  I never gave her a second glance until her starring role on the Showtime series and the daring risks that she has taken on it. She looks amazing for 46.

42. Olivia Wilde: 
      I didn't even know who this gal was until Tron: Legacy, but man, oh, man, does she look great in neoprene and those glowy things that you get around the 4th of July!

41. Gisele Bunchen:
      Why isn't this super hot super-model higher on this list? Two words: Tom Brady. Nuff said.

40. Carrie Underwood:
      Okay, This gal is super hot and sings like an angel. The only thing I worry about with her is if she is capable of some of the violence she has displayed in her videos. Still, I'll take my chances.

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