Monday, January 3, 2011

A Serious Entry: Support Public Broadcasting.

170 Million Americans for Public Broadcasting.

Think of everything that Public Broadcasting offers. I am particularly talking to all of us with children that were the first generation of Sesame Street viewers. But Public Broadcasting cares more about education than TLC (Jon and Kate?) Discovery, or any of the other "educational channels." You don't see marathons of "19 Kids & Counting" on PBS.  What you do see is strong educational programming such as NOVA, Sesame Street, and various other shows. You get intelligent dramatic works from Mobil Masterpiece and Masterpiece Mystery.
We also can't forget about our friends at Public Radio. To me, it is the last major outlet for intelligent UNBIASED reporting. They don't go for just the big stories. They give us stories that no one else will because the major news outlets are all chasing ratings.  These stories remind us of our humanity and that we are all connected on this vast ship tumbling through the cosmos.
 Do your part and support Public Broadcasting by following the link above.

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